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Irish Cancer Society Fundraiser

Posted 19th Jun 2023
Author Elizabeth Murphy (President)

We are delighted to announce that €362.50 was raised for the Irish Cancer Society during our annual Charity Soccer Match which was kindly sponsored by A&L Goodbody. A huge thank you to all who took part in the match and donated to this incredible cause. 

Annual General Meeting

Posted 4th Apr 2023
Author Elizabeth Murphy (President)




DATE: Thursday 20 April 2023

TIME: 6 pm 

VENUE: Courtyard Meeting Room 


All members are invited to attend the Law Society’s AGM which will take place Thursday 20 April at 6 pm in the Courtyard Meeting Room. Hustings for the Committee of the 33rd Session of the Society will be held; voting will open for a period of 24 hours following the AGM. A referendum to delete the constitutional provisions pertaining to the Plassey Law Review will also take place, details of this are listed below. 

         An agenda for the AGM will be circulated in advance of the meeting, if any members have any points for discussion, please email FAO President. 



The Plassey Law Review was initially established as a sub-committee of the Law Society with the view of one day becoming its own independent group once a strong organisational structure of its own was established; the Plassey Law Review has now reached this point. 

Our Constitution currently provides for the Plassey Law Review as an objective of the Society under Article 3.6 and lists the Editor in Chief of the Plassey Law Review as a committee member under Article 5.1.11. These articles need to be deleted in order to reflect the independence of the Plassey Law Review. 



Below are the Job Specifications of the committee of the UL Law Society as per Article 6.1.4. of the Society Constitution. The Committee of the Society shall manage the business and affairs of the Society and the Committee shall be elected solely from the membership of the Society per Article 5.1. Any two of the officers holding a Committee Position shall be the Society’s representatives on the Clubs' and Societies' Council (CSC). 

         To register your interest in being part of the Committee of the 33rd Session of the University of Limerick Law Society please email FAO President detailing your interest and your chosen position by 5 pm Saturday 15 April 2023. Only current members may apply. Hustings will take place at our Annual General Meeting at 6 pm Thursday 20 April 2023. Any members who are currently on Erasmus, Co-op, or are otherwise unavailable to attend the AGM should specify this in their application. 



5.1.1. President

The President must have completed at least one year of service on a previous session’s Committee. The President’s duties shall include the day-to-day management of the Society and the directing Society activities. The President shall chair all Committee and General Meetings of the Society. The President shall set the Society’s objectives at the beginning of each year. The President shall be responsible for overseeing the Society’s finances alongside the Treasurer. Where there is a division of opinion on the Committee in respect of direction, the President has executive authority to decide on the Society’s behalf. The President can serve a maximum of one term in office. 

 The role of the President shall be fulfilled by one person only. 


6.1.5. Manifesto of Candidates for President 

All candidates for President shall submit their manifestos for the year ahead to the Society within two days of a general meeting. These manifestos shall detail their vision for the Society and their objectives for the year ahead. 



5.1.2. Welfare Officer 

The Welfare Officer shall be responsible for ensuring the welfare of all Society members and shall be a point of contact for any member with any difficulties.  The Welfare Officer must be impartial. The said person shall be responsible for resolving inter committee disputes upon the request of the President or if the President is a party to a dispute. The Welfare Officer with the President is responsible for ensuring the Society is compliant with UL Student Life Clubs & Societies regulations. The Welfare Officer also serves as an Official Committee Member (OCM) and may be deputised from time to time to assist in executing the Society’s objectives.

In the event that the President resigns or is impeached, the Welfare Officer shall serve as acting President until an Extraordinary General Meeting is convened within two weeks of the vacating of office.

 The role of the Welfare Officer shall be fulfilled by one person only. 



5.1.3. Treasurer 

The Treasurer’s duties shall include the maintenance of the Society’s accounts and the Society’s budget submission as well as the continuous updating of the online and hardcopy budget throughout the year. The Treasurer is to advocate financial concerns at meetings. 

 The role of the Treasurer shall be fulfilled by one person only. 



5.1.4. Secretary  

The Secretary shall be responsible for the management of all records of the Society. This includes the maintenance of all necessary documentation including the minutes of all General Meetings of the Society and Committee meetings. The Secretary shall organise room booking and manage committee business with the President. Furthermore, the Secretary shall be the registrar of the Society. The said officer is responsible for collecting membership and maintaining the UL Wolves Clubs & Societies website page. 

 The role of the Secretary shall be fulfilled by one person only. 



5.1.5. Public Relations Officer 

The Public Relations Officer shall be responsible for ensuring that all Society events and activities are well advertised across the various different mediums including via email and social media. The Public Relations Officer is to issue weekly newsletters detailing the Society’s activities for the week ahead. This email is to be circulated by the School of Law. The Public Relations Officer is responsible for the external presentation of the Society and to advertise opportunities to members on social media.  

 The role of the Public Relations Officer shall be fulfilled by one person only. 



5.1.6. Academic & Careers Officer 

The Academic and Careers Officer shall be responsible for organising all academic and careers events, including the annual Careers Networking Evening as well as a number of academic workshops throughout the year. The Academic Officer will be required to co-ordinate with the Academic Director appointed by the School of Law. Furthermore, the Academic Officer is responsible for all activities outlined in Article 3.1 above. 

 The role of the Academic and Careers Officer may be divided between no more than two people. 



5.1.7. Conference Convenor 

The Conference Convenor shall be responsible for the organising of conferences and seminars.  Their duties shall include booking venues and speakers for such events. The Conference Convenor must organise events which are of topical interest to members as outlined in Article 3.4 of the Constitution. 

 The role of the Conference Convenor may be divided between no more than two people. 



5.1.8. Mooting Convenor 

The Mooting Officer shall be responsible for organising all moot court activities. They shall organise the annual internal competition as well as arrange for competitors to travel to external events.  The Mooting Officer shall also run a series of mooting workshops each academic year. The Mooting Officer will be required to co-ordinate with the Mooting Director appointed by the School of Law.   

The role of the Mooting Convenor may be divided between no more than two people. 



5.1.9. Sponsorship Co-ordinator 

The Sponsorship Co-ordinator shall be responsible for seeking sponsorship for Society activities. 

This role shall include drafting partnership proposals to law firms. The Sponsorship Coordinator has exclusive authority with the President over liaising with firms. The Sponsorship Co-ordinator must be available to carry out their duties during the summer months. This is a subcommittee role. 

 The role of the Sponsorship Co-Ordinator may be divided between no more than two people. 



5.1.10. Trips & Social Events Officer  

The Trips & Socials Officer shall be responsible for organising all Society outings both international and domestic. 

Moreover, the Trips & Socials Officer has exclusive responsibility for organising all social events with the exception of the Annual Law Ball, which shall be organised by the Committee.

 The role of the Trips and Social Events Officer may be divided between no more than two people.

Welcome Back!

Posted 5th Jan 2023
Author Elizabeth Murphy (President)

Welcome back! 

We’re very excited for semester 2’s activities and hope you are too. We have lots in store such as Law Ball, the annual charity soccer match, Intervarsity Law Summit 2023, pizza parties, moots, exam breakfasts, FE-1 and Bar information sessions, co-op and Erasmus talks, conferences, and much more! Keep an eye on your emails and our Instagram for updates on these events. 

Semester 1 Feedback

Posted 3rd Jan 2023
Author Elizabeth Murphy (President)

Our members thoughts and opinions are incredibly important to us and we always appreciate any feedback sent out way. 

We have created a survey to collect feedback on the Law Society’s performance in Semester 1 and suggestions for Semester 2. The survey will only take 2 minutes to complete and is fully anonymous. 

Here is the link to the survey:

Give Us The Night

Posted 11th Nov 2022
Author Beth Murphy (President)


We are delighted to announce that we will host our first conference of the year with special guest speakers from Give Us The Night. The conference will take place at 3 pm Tuesday 15 November in the library courtroom (floor 3)

Give Us The Night have worked tirelessly to highlight the contribution of the night-time industry to culture, community and the economy in Ireland, and to raise the quality of nightlife to international standards. They have successfully influenced legislative change in Ireland as the government have recently announced that nightclub and pub opening hours are set to be extended in the new year. This is just one part of their mission.

Please join us for a discussion on Give Us The Night's journey and their plans for the future. 

First Year Representatives Election

Posted 17th Oct 2022
Author Beth Murphy (President)

Voting is now open for our First Year Representatives election. You can cast your vote at

Voting will close tomorrow at 8 pm, the successful candidates will be announced once the election closes. 

Best of luck to all the candidates!

First Year Representative Applications

Posted 7th Oct 2022
Author Elizabeth Murphy (President)

We're delighted to announce that applications to become a First Year Representative of the Law Society are now open. The application form link along with information about our EGM has been sent out in an email to all members, so make sure to check your inbox!

Becoming a First Year Representative is a great way to get involved with Clubs and Societies in UL. As a First Year Rep your tasks will include promoting the Soc and helping the committee complete various projects. If you have any questions feel free to contact us, we're very excited to get working with you!

Preparation for 'Return to Play'

Posted 1st Sep 2020
Author Sarah White (President)

Hi everyone,

Just a quick update on Society activities in the lead up to UL's re-opening!

We are hard at work scheduling and reformatting events in order to ensure they are guideline-compliant. Our committee is in constant communication with the School of Law and law firms in order to ensure our members receive the most up-to-date information in relation to classes resuming, recruitment opportunities, and more. Make sure to keep a close eye on our socials in the upcoming weeks, as this will be our main platform on which to update you all on our plans for the Academic Year!

We will be doing the best we can to have business as usual, including our social events. However, we can't do that without our members. We will be enforcing all government and university guidelines in relation to COVID-19, and we need full cooperation in order to remain in operation!

We'll be back soon with more updates. Stay safe!

AGM 2020/2021

Posted 16th May 2020
Author Sarah White

Results are in! Congrats to Committee for the 30th Session of the UL Law Society.

The new officers are as follows:

  • President - Sarah White
  • Welfare Officer - Adam Geraghty
  • Treasurer - Dylan Van Daele
  • Secretary - Saoirse Power
  • PRO - James Forbes
  • Academic & Careers Officer - Jessica Coleman McCarthy
  • Trips & Socials Officer - Colm McInerney
  • Mooting Convenor - Nora O’ Brien
  • Conferences Convenor - Beth Murphy
  • Sponsorship Co-ordinator - Patrick Bowden
  • Editor of the Plassey Law Review - TBA                                                                                                                                                                                                                                               

A massive thank you to outgoing committee members Brian O Rourke, Ben Hamilton, Tobi Lawal, Simon Good, Mark Fulham, James Devery, Ellen Jordan, Caoimhe Hurley, Conor Tuohy, Aoife O'Connor and Seán Fahey.

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