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Come as a beginner, a novice, or an expert. We welcome all to enjoy the fun. It's such a great way to get out of the house and meet new people!

Our session times are on Wednesday at the indoor sprint track in the UL Sports Arena. Three, 1-hour slots. Your attendance must be prebooked on the wolves' website. 

2pm - 3pm

3pm - 4pm

4pm - 5pm

Due to COVID-19 restriction, we ask the following from our members;

- Respect social distancing, where possible keep a minimum of 2 meters.

- Please wear face masks where appropriate, indoors and when social distancing is not possible

- We are all in this together, so remember the people around you, we are all experiencing this time differently, mentally and emotionally.

We hope you are keeping safe and well. See you soon!!

Current Committee 6
Chairperson (name hidden)
Treasurer Ben Bartlett
Safety, Training and Development Officer Dylan Whiteford
Public Relations Officer John Moynan
Ordinary Committee Member John Bailey

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