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UL International Society - Bringing the world together!

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About International Society

The society to top all societies!

Our main aims are simple; bringing people together, showcasing lots of different cultures and bringing an all-round class experience to everyone who comes to UL!

We do this through our masses of events and trips that we hold every semester. Every Friday night is TGIF or international night in the Stables Club where you can find themed parties. Past themes have included a Bollywood night, festive parties, pyjama nights, country colours and more! You're sure to enjoy a bop to DJ Ber's bangin' tunes and get silly with facepaints!

Of course, there are other events too, such as culture nights, great showcases during SoUL week, pub quizzes, food events and so much more. Stay tuned on social media for some competitions, too!

On top of all of that we run trips around Ireland almost every week! These trips come to you at a way lower price than if you were to go on a trip run by a profit making company! With us you pay for your bus, the attractions in some cases and we all go off together for the craic and banter! The trips are definitely defining moments in an international student's UL experience, so hop on!

Don't forget to become a member of the UL International Society. We signed up a lot of you in the first couple of weeks. If you missed out on our recruitment drive just send us an email at or message our instagram page and we'll sort you out!

The International Society - Bringing the world together!

International Society COVID-19 Officer
MRIDUL GUPTA (Chairperson)
Current Committee 8
Chairperson MRIDUL GUPTA
Health and Safety Officer PRIYANKA KUMARI
Public Relations Officer JIAN YANG KON
Events Officer HAGAR BEBUUR

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