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About Games Society

Ever since John O'Sullivan and Joe Vaughan founded the UL Games Society in 1989, we have been providing the best gaming experience for UL students for decades, regardless of their skill level or previous experience in games as a whole.

The society holds an expansive library of board games and a wide variety of modern consoles, alongside two full Virtual Reality systems for members to use during our weekly events.

For our traditional games, we hold Tabletop Night on Mondays from 6PM, there you can come in and try out any game in our collection. Whether you're a Catan champion or just a Jenga enjoyer, this event is the place to be to meet new friends and simply relax.
Our trading card players are also on hand at the event, so if you've a passing interest in Magic: The Gathering or Yu-Gi-Oh, or might even have decks of your own, feel free to visit us for a few rounds!

We also provide support for roleplaying games of all types, and often there will be a Dungeons and Dragons party looking for new players or Dungeon Masters!

In terms of video games, Consoles Day is on Wednesdays from noon to 6PM in the Student Centre! Our most popular consoles are set up for members to use, so it's a great way to unwind/kill time between classes. We have games ranging as far back as the original NES, all the way up to today's most popular titles!

The society also holds competitions and trips on occasion, so make sure to follow us for the latest updates!

We do hope you consider visiting us, because you'll never know what new game might be just for you, and maybe some new friendships might find their start with us too!

Current Committee 14
President Jeremy Pili
Secretary Oisín Lane
Treasurer Ryan Fitzgerald
Health and Safety Officer (name hidden)
Public Relations Officer CAITLIN EARLE
Card Games Officer Kieren
Console Games Officer KENNETH BRACKEN
Dungeon Master Cathal
Equipment Officer ADAM DERWIN
Events Officer SAMI BENAISSA
First Year Rep SEAN RUANE
Traditional Games Officer ETHAN O'BRIEN
Vice President Lucas

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