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About Christian Union

UL Christian Union is group of students at the University of Limerick, United together through a common faith in Jesus, a common desire to know him better, and do God's work on campus by spreading the Good News of the Gospel.

ULCU is an inter-denominational society.

Curious? If you're not sure about us, and would just like a chat, come along  after our main meeting, or to our free tea and coffee table in the courtyard on Tuesday and we'll give you a nice cup of tea and a bicky.

Like our Facebook page or feel free to email. Everybody's welcome!

Current Committee 8
Chairperson Anna Deane
Secretary David Adediji
Assistant Public Relations Shemmy Giwa
Public Relations Officer LAURANNE AICHA
First Year Rep DAWSON KOHL
Ordinary Committee Member Clare Whiting
Small groups and prayer coordinator ADAM O'FLYNN

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