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Anime and Manga Society

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About Anime and Manga Society

The Anime and Manga Society was formed around an interest and love for Japanese animation, comics, art and culture. We wanted to share our interests and knew there were many like-minded people who would love to get together to discuss and enjoy it. Our small desire to spend our time with people with similar interests formed the society we all hold dear to us today.

For those among you who do not know what Anime and Manga is, Anime is Japanese Animation. It comes in a wide variety of genres and drawing styles and we can promise that we'll be able to find a series you'll enjoy! Manga are Japanese comic books. Often Manga are first released and then an Anime would be made out of the same series.

Although the society is still young our first few years were extremely fun and rewarding, running a whole array of events. These included trips to the Experience Japan Weekend in Dublin and Eirtakon, Ireland's biggest anime convention as well as attending other conventions and hosting a variety of all night extravaganzas with screenings hangouts and cosplay competitions. The society won the award for “Best New Society” in the Board of Irish College Societies (BICS) and we consider it a great honour to have received this reward.

The society runs two weekly events currently but often ends up running more special events during the week. On Tuesdays we run a hangout where people can talk about things anime and relax with their friends while reading manga , showing off cosplay and their drawing skills to other members and play some games. it's a place where we have fun and make connections within the society. On Thursdays we run Anime screenings. We screen Anime of all genres and we decide what to watch each week before the screenings with online polls that all members can make suggestions in.

Current Committee 9
President Andrew
Secretary lyane casey
Health and Safety Officer Jamie Doupe
Public Relations Officer Dónal Mc Fadden
Events Officer Victoria Jun Ni Ling
Manga Officer Daniel Corcoran
Screenings Officer Conor Mason
Vice President (name hidden)

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