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About Photographic Society

Welcome from the Photographic Society

Whether you are a pro photographer, or have no idea what you're doing, everyone is welcome! We will teach you all you need to know to dive in the the world of photography. Improve your skills on trips away, meet like minded people, and learn new techniques and skills while having fun!

Our main activities involve:

  • Organising trips to practice what we learn
  • Studio shoots
  • Workshops and tutorials
  • Post processing of images
  • Covering social events on and off campus
  • Covering intervarsities and events for other clubs
  • Follow our Instagram page for all upcoming events/photo shoots and outings!

    And our Facebook page!

Current Committee 13
President Paul
Secretary MÍRIAM
Assist. Treasurer SAM ENNIS
Editing Officer Antony Di Placido
Treasurer David Walsh
Health and Safety Officer INES ANGÈLE YVONNE
Public Relations Officer Elisha Gale
Public Relations Officer DANIIL OLGIN
Assistant Editing Officer Alexandre Wibaux
Equipment Officer RIAN COSTELLO
Ordinary Committee Member David Hannon
Ordinary Committee Member (name hidden)
Ordinary Committee Member Ian

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