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Now that we have your attention, we are the UL Wolves Swim Club! (ULSC). 

We cater for everyone! From the casual swimmer who just wishes to work off the beer belly and make some friends to drink more beer with; to, of course, the competitive swimmer, bred to race for the Wolf Pack! 
When you join our team you will have to complete a swim test to assess your level of ability, just to ensure you are comfortable in the water. We have a huge community spirit and we would love for you to join our pack!

The club trains 4 times each week:
Monday (21:50 - 22:50) 
Tuesday (21:00 - 21:50)
Wednesday (20:50 - 22:50)
Friday (7:50 - 8:50)

Our Monday and Friday sessions cater for all abilities, while our other 2 sessions pose a tougher training session for those looking to develop their swimming skills further!
Keep an eye on our Facebook Page too (Link in the Club Details), often swimmers will go for a swim themselves and will mention it to the group.
Throughout the year we attend various competitions and host multiple events for people to get to know each other that bit more, thus helping develop the club even further! We are all super friendly and waiting for you to jump right in! 

So come on down, get wet and give swimming a go!

The Swim Team.

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