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If you have a passion for games and want to bring them to life, this is the society for you! All you need to bring is your interest, no programming required! There are many disciplines that make a game possible. We like to include everything from: - Art and Design - Business and Management - Music and Sound - Programming - Sociology and Human Interaction Game development is a very human experience focused sphere. Games are a medium for conveying an experience to players. You can tell the story of your imagination, through beautifully animated characters with soft music and ambiance. Or, if you prefer action, you can make your most adrenaline filled scenes, jumping rooftop to rooftop with the sun in your eyes come to life. As such, we need everybody from artists, story writers, programmers, sound designers and many more! If you want to learn about the game development process, come along to one of our meetings!  We do a variety of activities throughout the semester such as our weekly meeting, where we discuss game design with a new topic each week. We also aim to run or attend up to two Game Jams every semester. Before game jams, we also sometimes offer workshops for different disciplines to help members learn some new skills! We also aim to attend conferences and get in guest speakers to talk about the different parts of the game development process! If you're interested to learn more, check us out on Facebook: , Twitter: or Instagram: 

Current Committee 5
Secretary Wiktoria Ziaja
Treasurer Andrei Smirnou
Health and Safety Officer Bartlomiej Karas
Public Relations Officer TATYANA GUZMAN

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