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Week 04 News

Posted 27th Sep 2022
Author Wiktoria Ziaja (Secretary)

Thank you to everyone who showed up to our first meeting. It was really nice to have you show up and show your support for the Society. I hope everyone else is doing well and hopefully we will see ye there this week.

Quick info and question. We are in KBG (Kemmy Business School building, Ground Floor, Room 14) our meetings run from 18:30 until 19:30. I was told that some people have another meeting at 19:00 and hence they couldn't go. Since we have the room from 18:00 would ye like us to switch theng time from 18:30 to 18:00? This way the meeting would end at around 18:50-19:00 and nobody would need to worry about having to leave early or miss any of their meetings.

For those who missed last weeks meeting. The main thing was game of the month. October's game of the month is Silent Hill 2. Since it is a PS2 game there is a link in our Discord to an emulator or you can watch a playthrough on YouTube. This week will be an AGM, essentially we will be voting in new committee members, all the roles are available so if you would like to part take in the society as committee member there is your chance. Any member is able to put themselves forward for any role.

Events for Week 9

Posted 20th Mar 2022
Author Mary Tease (Public Relations Officer)

Hello everyone apologies for the late announcement on this. Staring off, there can be a redo of the Blender workshop this Tuesday if there is a demand for it. Last time there was a bit of technical difficulties with Discord being down and only 2 people showed up so it didn't go ahead. We do ask if people can react with a 'B' if they plan on coming as we want to see if the attendance was caused due to the Discord issue/people not received the email update on it or just is this something that people aren't interested in?

Secondly this Thursday from 6.15 - 8pm we are going to be hosting a VR workshop in our usual meet up room - SG20. We will have 6 VR headset available for people to try them out. For this we will ask people to have Unity (anything after 19.3 version) and Visual Studio downloaded before hand.

Lastly the biggest announcement is the Game Jam this Saturday from 9am to 9pm. We are still are waiting on the booking confirmation for a room hence the late announcement. For anyone who is new to GameJams the general idea is you have 12 hours to make a game, the theme is going to be announced on the day, you can work in groups of up to four. We will also bring the VR headset for anyone who wants to make a VR game, however they will be on a first come first serve basis. There will be a prize for the best game made. The winner will be chosen by the committee member and will be announced the following weekend. Also to prevent any bias, committee members that so take part in the GameJam don't qualify for the prize.

To keep up to date with these events, join our Discord:

Game of the Month for October!

Posted 2nd Oct 2018
Author Artem Semenov

The Games Development Society is reviewing the game Antichamber for its "Game of the Month" for October!

Link to game:

All members are encouraged to go and learn more about the game. The game usually costs around €19, so we expect that some people may be unable to buy it. Therefore, we're also suggesting watching Let's Plays, reading any articles that review the game or even asking friends to borrow it!

At the end of the month, we'll have an entire discussion dedicated to the game, evaluating all of its features and getting opinions from everybody who reviewed it. If possible, we'll also organise a live playthrough! Giving people who couldn't buy it, a chance to try it themselves.

The "Game of the Month" is held to let members discover unique games with unique mechanics. It's usually based on something specific, like a unique art-style, interesting storytelling approach, use of new technology or innovative ideas and even unusual game mechanics.

The purpose is to teach aspiring game developers to appreciate the media as not just lines of code, but also an art form. There are many facets to creating a good game and we want to highlight all of these to our members. Innovation is what drives the game development industry forward and we want our members to carry that spirit on with them!

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