Aeronautical Society

New/Improved Society of the Year
Winner 2022/2023

Love the smell of jet fuel in the morning

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About Aeronautical Society

UL Aeronautical Society is UL's newest Society. Founded by a group of individuals who have a passion for anything that flies.

We want to develop a space within UL for those who are also passionate about rockets, planes and helicopters to meet, discuss and construct these awe-inspiring machines. We aim to give people from any course or any experience level a chance to explore the world of aviation.

Come along with us as we build and launch Model Rockets and RC Planes, play MS Flight Simulator and make trips to Shannon Airport and Aircraft Museum's. Feel free to contact us on our Discord or Instagram or just come along to one of our meetings and see this society blast-off.

Current Committee 8
Chairperson Daire O'Sullivan
Treasurer Daniel Carleton
Health and Safety Officer JACK BROWNE
Public Relations Officer ELLIOT BUCKLEY
Ordinary Committee Member Patrick Gowran
Ordinary Committee Member SARAH ACHIENG

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