People Before Profit Society

Fighting for Students, Socialism and Housing Justice

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About People Before Profit Society

People Before Profit stands for a different form of politics: Radical eco-socialist politics for the 21st century. Environmentalist, anti-austerity, anti-fascist, anti racist and revolutionary.

We oppose all forms of bigotry and fight for an inclusive campus. No racists, No TERFS, No fascists!

On campus we fight for students. Students are facing higher and higher rents, high fees, paid parking and a crushing cost of living crisis. Students need to fight back and we're here to lead that charge

We hold public meetings, organise protests and consistently push back on the capitalist attacks on students.

On campus we have launched several campaigns including a campaign for affordable student housing, Campaigning on the cost of living, Enviromental issues and work at bringing a socialist perspective to campus

We are an arm of the largest socialist party in Ireland, We coordinate with People Before Profit to bring student issues to government.

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Current Committee 7
Chairperson ARON CALVERT
Secretary Cormac Campbell
Treasurer Ben
Health and Safety Officer Joshua Durrant
Public Relations Officer Kasper Domagala
Ordinary Committee Member BRENDAN O'CONNELL
Ordinary Committee Member Alex Harty

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