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This club is for the people who want to learn to surf and anyone who wants to surf more while living in Limerick. We teach beginners as well as going on advanced trips. We subsidise petrol money and help organise cars for all members to get to the coast any day of the week. If you have any questions give us an email: PAY YOUR MEMBERSHIP ONLINE on the UL wolves site once you have applied for membership. Once you've requested membership here we'll approve you and send you weekly emails with all the info on club trips and events around campus.  MONDAY -POOL SESSION On Monday we organise a pool session which is tailored to help your basic fundamentals of surfing which include paddling, standing up on the board, and most importantly meeting new people and having a great time. This is on every Monday night in the UL Sport Arena at 10 pm. Afterwards, we usually go to Scholars/Stables to catch up on any news from surf adventures that took place the weekend before. Our skate and Balance sessions take place right before our pool sessions from 9 pm to 10 pm, we will help you perfect your balance through slacklining, skateboarding and our balance boards. keep an eye on our social media accounts for updates about our weekly activities. BOARD REPAIRS Our Equipment Officer is happy to repair boards at a discounted price for club members. If you need any help chat to him or message the club. We are a large group of friends who love introducing people to the ocean and help to gradually increase their confidence and ability level in this sport. You'll learn to read the forecast and pinpoint where the best waves will be. We travel along Ireland's incredible coastlines in search of good times on the water, and aim to enable even the novice surfer to learn the craft of the sport! We run multiple day trips each semester whenever the conditions are favorable during the week and weekends to remote and pristine locations throughout the country. These trips are really the highlight of the club and where you will meet and get to know the many friendly and enthusiastic club members that we have. The club also usually runs two international trips a year. We have previously travelled to Morocco, France, Portugal, the Canaries, and Spain. every year we go on a January trip abroad, at a location decided upon by the committee. So, whether you are a hardcore full-time surfer/skater who is looking for other like-minded people or if you’re someone who has never surfed before and is looking to learn we are the club for you. Wow, you made it this far? We are impressed, don't hesitate to get involved. Looking forward to meeting you, - UL Surf Club Committee

Current Committee 12
President Ryan
Secretary LOUIS
Safety and Development Officer CIAN MORGAN
Public Relations Officer ELLEN KELLY
Assist. Treasurer HANNAH NEVILLE
Equipment Officer SEAN MC GRATH
Events Officer Kate Noone
Merch & Marketing officer Aoife Kelly
Trips Officer HANNAH JANE
Wakeboard Officer Aaron Thompson

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