Resource Documents

COVID-19 Statement Template Word 41 KB
C&S Guide to Committee Admin PDF 5 MB
C&S Interim Report PDF 1.8 MB
Copyright Issues When Showing Films PDF 21 KB
Rulebook PDF 1 MB
Social Media Training Link
Arts & Sports Fund Word 163 KB
Treasurers Workshops AY22/23 PDF 3 MB
Wolves on Tour - Foreign Trip proposal and requirements Word 33 KB
Safety Statement Template [1/8/11] Word 341 KB
Policy information 2022 2023 PDF 109 KB
SU Incident Report Form Word 15 KB
Risk Assessment Guidelines PDF 76 KB
Room booking form 2022 PDF 454 KB
Rules for use of the Jonathon Swift PDF 26 KB
SU out of hours room booking 2018 Word 25 KB
UL Wolves Instagram Takeover Terms & Conditions PDF 209 KB
UL Wolves driver’s policy and procedures sheet Word 28 KB
Accident & Emergency Information PDF 200 KB
Additional Driver PDF 16 KB
Becoming a C&S Driver Word 38 KB
C&S Department Management Vehicle Rules & Regulations Word 70 KB
Committee Letter of Endorsement Word 21 KB
Vehicle Protocol for Signing PDF 56 KB
Opening Brochure PDF 9.3 MB

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