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Environmental Society

Making Real Change on Campus

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About Environmental Society

We meet every Monday from 7pm - 8:30 pm to talk about new and engaging campaigns which promote environmentally sustainable practices. One of our main aims is to make students aware of the current environmental challenges we face, not to overwhelm, but to promote action both as individuals and as a community to overcome these challenges. We are a very open society where absolutely everyone is welcome to join and put forward new ideas/projects/campaigns to promote sustainable living on and off our campus. Join us, find new friends, and we can make a difference!

**Please note**

When joining we highly recommend you opt-in to emails from us. This is generally our initial point of contact in setting up new members into various chats and channels and is the main form of official communication.

When you become a full member links will appear below the "message environmental" button to join our Whatsapp Group chat (our main point of contact for discussions and quick updates) and Microsoft Teams Channel (our channel for hosting meetings and file sharing).

Current Committee 9
Interim-President CHARLOTTE HANNON
Interim-Vice President EOGHAN O'MAHONY
President Díarmaid Mc Fadden
Vice President Ashling O Connor
Secretary Lena
Treasurer Frank Fitzgerald
Safety & COVID-19 Officer Rachel Beck
Public Relations Officer Tim
UL Green Campus Committee Liaison Sean Collins

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