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AGM 2022 New Committee Vote

Posted 1st May 2023
Author Dervla Ryan (President)

Things are changing in the UL Archery Club! Normally we run our AGM and elect our new committee in semester one, but we decided that for the benefit of the club, we would vote in our new core positions before the end of the academic year. This is so that our current core committee can wind down and teach the incoming committee how to fulfill their roles. They will step into their roles officially in September. Without further ado waffling, please welcome our new committee!

President - Lauren Moriarty

Captain - Brian Carroll

Treasurer - Dervla Ryan

Secretary - Ronan O'Kane

PRO - Ben Whelan

Health & Safety - Roko Strgar

(NEW) Events Officer - Emilia Ziolek

Equipment Officer - Andrew Coghlan

ISAA/AI Rep - Ciaran Pradeep

Congratulations to our new committee! We'll sadly be saying goodbye to some our graduating members but they will be back without a doubt :)

There will be more committee positions available at the September AGM for those interested, like Advisors, OCMs, and First Year Rep.

Shave or Dye

Posted 30th Apr 2023
Author Dervla Ryan (President)

Our members took part in the big shave or dye event for the second time! We raised €1,001 for this worthy cause and organized a shave or dye session. A huge thank you to Louna, Brian, Dervla, Odhran, Marcos, and Eoin who dyed their hair. We couldn't have done it either without our "professional" hair stylists Jade, Louna, Lauren, and Dervla. Big thanks to everyone who donated, hopefully, we get a bigger turnout next year! 

(you can still donate on our Instagram page @ularchery)

ISAA Finals Results

Posted 15th Apr 2023
Author Dervla Ryan (President)

On April 1st, fifteen of UL's archers travelled to Belfast for the first time to compete in the ISAA Archery Finals. The team competed for two days with some outstanding results. The first day was the usual 60-arrow scoring and the second day was a fun shoot, where we competed in teams and had to shoot 8 arrows in 60 seconds. Sadly, we didn't win anything in the team shoot, but UU was very kind and gifted our club chocolates for coming to Belfast a couple of hours early to help set up the IV. 

At the end of the ISAA Indoor League, all scores are added up and we are very proud to announce that three women from our core committee won medals!

Lauren Moriarty placed 2nd in Barebow Beginner Female

Eva West placed 2nd in Recurve Beginner Female 

Dervla Ryan placed 3rd in Recurve Intermediate Female 

Additionally, in the Intervarsity, Eva West placed 2nd RBF, Eoin Timlin placed 2nd RIO, and Dervla Ryan placed 3rd RIF. Well done everyone!

NSIC Results 2023

Posted 23rd Feb 2023
Author Dervla Ryan (President)

Last weekend, the UL Archery Club participated in the NSIC Nationals shoot hosted by UCC. This was a two-day event and we are very proud to announce the results of our archers!

- Andrew Coghlan ~ 2nd place Barebow Open (Silver Medalist)
- Eva West who earned their white pin
- Lorcan Stokes earned his black pin
- Eoin Timlin who was awarded his white, black, blue and red pins (recurve)

A huge congratulations to all 18 archers who participated and thank you to UCC for hosting such an amazing event. Next stop, SETU!

Archery is Back!!!

Posted 29th Jan 2023
Author Dervla Ryan (President)


We are delighted to welcome everyone back for another semester of shooting ? our schedule is the same as always, but here is a quick reminder:

Advanced (invite-only): Mondays 20:00 - 22:00 

Beginners (all welcome): Wednesday 19:00 - 22:00 

No experience required and we offer a free 6-week beginners course. All equipment is provided and fun is mandatory? we have a bunch of competitions coming up soon so make sure to keep an eye on our Instagram @ularchery 

You'll see us on Tuesday 16:00 - 18:00 at the C&S fair too! We are looking forward to seeing all of our members, old and new.

Berlin Open 2022

Posted 3rd Jan 2023
Author Dervla Ryan (President)

Last December, the UL Archery Club embarked on their very first International Trip! We wrapped up warm, bow and arrow in hand, and flew to Berlin on Thursday, December 15th. Luckily, we had a fellow German on the team to help us figure out the train system and we arrived at the open training session for 10:30 am. We grabbed our jerseys and entered the shooting arena bright-eyed and bushy-tailed. The atmosphere was buzzing and we were surrounded by the world's top archers.

Qualifications began at 17:00 and we shot on tri-spots (a new challenge for our barebows!). Even though we were full of nerves and excitement, it didn't deter us at all. Everyone performed to the best of their ability and did amazing. We replenished ourselves with currywurst that evening and headed to bed, resting up for the next day of shooting.

On Saturday, qualifications took place for the next round of archers. We got there early and shot alongside them. This was a great opportunity to watch and learn, as well as befriend archers from team GB and Germany. During breaks, they coached us and suggested new methods. It gave us the motivation we needed for the second-chance session that we were all doing Sunday.

Sunday was the last session where we competed against one another. The target was arranged like a flower, making it very difficult to hit. Sadly, none of us qualified for the semi-finals. We watched the qualifying athletes, eager to learn how it is done. The finals were set up like a vegas show, with flashing lights and loud music. Our team barely left our seats out of fear of missing anything. After the award ceremony, we got out our wolves flag and took out the final group photo together, before heading off to dinner with other Irish archers.

Our team slept on every train, plane, and bus on Monday. We all got home safely, tired and eager to get back to training next month to pass on our new skills to our advanced archers.

We are hoping to attend the 2023 Berlin Open next year with even more budding archers. We are so excited to finally be a part of something bigger. See you next year, Berlin!

Annual Archery Bake-Off

Posted 8th Nov 2022
Author Dervla Ryan (President)

We'd like to announce that we'll be hosting our annual Bake-off on Wednesday, November 23rd! (Week 12). There will be prizes to be won that night and it'll conclude our training sessions for this semester so make sure to book on and come along. Bonus points if your goodies are archery related :) 

Maynooth Fun Shoot

Posted 1st Nov 2022
Author Dervla Ryan (President)

A huge congratulations are in order for our wonderful archers who competed in the Maynooth Halloween Fun shoot last Saturday (Oct 29th)! Both advanced members and new members participated and the majority were placed in the top 3 of their respective categories.  

  • Andrew Coghlan - first in Barebow Advanced Open
  • Ciaran Pradeep - first in Recurve Beginner Open
  • Eva West - third in Recurve Beginner Female
  • Liam McMahon - first in Barebow Beginner Open
  • Mark Sheridan - second in Barebow Beginner Open
  • Lauren Moriarty - third in Barebow Beginner Female
  • Julianna Draga - second in Barebow Advanced Female

A huge success for everyone, and we are very proud. Stay tuned to see how our archers do this Saturday (November 5th) at the DCU IV! 

Archery is back!

Posted 8th Oct 2022
Author Dervla Ryan (President)

Big news - Archery training is back in full swing starting in Week 6!

It's been a long wait, but I would like to thank all of our members, old and new, for their patience and support during the past couple of weeks. We had so much fun teaching everyone tag archery and 3D archery, but now it's time to experience the real thing. The club has a whole range of new equipment as of last summer and we are so excited to teach you. 

All of our Committee Members and Advanced Members (from last semester) are invited to attend our Advanced Training on Mondays (20:00 - 22:00). Don't forget to book!

All beginners are welcome to attend Beginners Training on Wednesdays (19:00 - 22:00). Booking is required and it's possible up to 1-hour before your slot. You are more than welcome to book more than one slot. We recommend wearing short sleeves while training. All equipment and protective gear are provided. 

We are excited for everyone to get back into the swing of things, and show you what the UL Archery Club is all about!

An announcement regarding our table quiz will be made soon so keep an eye on your email and our social media! (Instagram: @ularchery). It will take place in Week 7, Thursday 20th of October @ 8 pm in The Scholars Club. Prizes to be won and free food for every table.

See you guys next week!!!

UL Archery AGM

Posted 23rd Aug 2022
Author Dervla Ryan (ISAA Liaison)

Our Annual General Meeting (AGM) for the 2022/2023 academic year will be held on Tuesday, September 13th at 6:30 pm (NOT 6th as stated in the picture) in the Courtyard Room, UL Student Life Centre. Everyone is welcome, and it's a good opportunity to meet fellow archers and your teachers before training starts.

Directions: When standing outside the main entrance to Student Life, take a left and the door is on the outside of the building.

To attend this event, please ensure you are signed up as a member of UL Wolves. See you there!

UL Outdoor InterVarsity

Posted 4th Jun 2022
Author Jack Curtin (Public Relations Officer)

Last weekend, on Saturday 28, May, our club hosted our first ever outdoor InterVarsity (IV) Archery competition, which was also the first outdoor IV of the season. This event was held on the pitch beside UL Boat House and took place from 12am to 5:30pm thanks to the assistance of our members. In total we set up 13 targets, each at various distances dependent on wether people were shooting begineer/intermediate/advanced or barebow/recurve/compound. We also set up a gazebo which acted as a 'base of operations' for checking in the various clubs and for counting each archers total score. The weather couldn’t have been any better, with a clear sky and no wind, making it ideal for the ice creams everyone enjoyed during the break. We spontaneously finished the day with a barbaque, which the attending clubs also enjoyed, and which made the process of taking everything down a lot easier!

We would like to particularly congratulate:

  • JJ for placing 2nd in beginner recurve open
  • TJ for placing 1st in intermediate recurve open
  • Eoin for placing 2nd in barebow advanced open
  • Lauren for placing 3rd in barebow beginner female

More pictures from this event, and the many other events which the club has and will attended, can be found right here on our Instagram page!

Outdoor Shooting

Posted 19th May 2022
Author Jack Curtin (Public Relations Officer)

Due to the success and interest we’ve had over the past two semesters in the club, we are delighted to announce that training shall continue over summer. This training will be taking place outdoors, partially due to the good weather but also due to the upcoming outdoor competitions. These competitions differ from the indoor competitions due to the increased distance from the target (70 meters as opposed to 30 meters), and due to the additional externalities, such as windspeed.

This new outdoor training will be for our advanced members and will be taking place on the large open green beside the boat house in UL. Days and times are as follows:

  • Monday, 6-8pm
  • Wednesday, 6-8pm
  • Saturday, 12-4pm

Also note the provisional dates for the upcoming outdoor competitions:

  • UL May 27th/28th
  • IADT June 25th
  • NUIG July 30th/31st
  • DCU August 20th/21st

Pictures from these upcoming events will be posted right here on our Instagram page!

UCC Student Nationals Competition

Posted 7th Apr 2022
Author Jack Curtin (Public Relations Officer)

Throwback to Februry 19 and 20, when our advanced archers competeted in UCC's InterVaristy at the Maradyke Arena in Cork!

This event lasted two days, with the first day consisting of a regular 60 arrow shoot and the second day consisting of both an individual and a team head-to-head. It was another really enjoyable overnight event which allowed our advanced members really get to know each other.

We would like to particularly congratulate:

  • Padhraic who came second in the male barebow head-to-head
  • Our male barebow team who came second in the head-to-head
  • Caleb who scored enough to earn a red pin
  • Julianna who scored enough to earn a white pin

More pictures from this event, and the many other events which the club has and will attended, can be found right here on our Instagram page!

Irish Student Archery League 2022

Posted 6th Apr 2022
Author Jack Curtin (Public Relations Officer)

The Irish Student Archery League for the 2022 season concluded last Saturday, 2 April!

This was our final indoor event of the year and took place over two days in Galway. We sent 20 of our advanced members to compete over two days, which was an incredibly enjoyable way to finish up the indoor season. The first day consisted of a regular 60 arrow shoot, where everyone shot 30 arrows over 2 sessions, with a 15 minute break inbetween. The second day consisted of a fun shoot with the 'Tribes of Archery' event, where each archer had to shoot 60 arrows at a small tri-spot target which was arranged like a triangle. The top eight scorers from each categoty (barebow, recurve and compound), then went head-to-head in a 'last person standing event'. Our very own Catherine Flower placed 3rd in the Women's barebow head-to-head and Caleb Martens also placed 3rd in the Open Compound head--to-head!

We want to specifically congratulate:

  • Finn, for coming 2nd in Recurve Intermediate Open
  • Eoin, for ranking 3rd in Barebow Advanced Open
  • Julianna, for placing 3rd in Barebow Beginner Female
  • Caleb, who came 3rd in Compound Open

We would also like to congratulate past member Charlie McGreevy who won the intermediate open recurve for the 20/21 season, before it was prematurely cancelled due to Covid!

More pictures from this event, and the many other events which the club has and will attended, can be found right here on our Instagram page!

UL InterVarsity Competition

Posted 27th Mar 2022
Author Jack Curtin (Public Relations Officer)

Last weekend, on Saturday 19, March, our club hosted the first Limerick based InterVarsity (IV) Archery competition to take place in just over two years. This event was held in the UL Sports Arena and took place from 9am to 5:30pm thanks to the assistance of our members and the support from the UL Sports Arena staff. To accommodate the overwhelming interest the other colleges had to attend our IV, we had to split the event into a morning and an afternoon session, thus we relied on and would like to thank everyone from the club who helped successfully run the event throughout the day.

The next event which the club will be attending will be held in Galway at NUIG for their IV. As has been the trend we have quite a few members interested in going and we look forward to bringing as many of our members as possible for what will be an enjoyable two days of shooting and an enjoyable night for everyone. The most notable achievements from our own members were:

  • Finn, who came 1st in recurve intermediate open
  • Caleb, who came 1st in compound open
  • Eoin, who came 2nd in advanced barebow open
  • Kirsten, who came 2nd in recurve beginner female

More pictures from this event, and the many other events which the club has and will attended, can be found right here on our Instagram page!

IADT Open Shoot

Posted 13th Mar 2022
Author Jack Curtin (Public Relations Officer)

Throwback to what was our first open competition of the college year, which happened to also take place in IADT!

Our advanced archers visited Dun Laoghaire Institute of Art Design + Technology (IADT) on Saturday, 1 to Sunday, 2 January to shoot in IADT's open competition. The first day consisted of shooting 60 arrows, the goal being to score as close to the maximum of 600 as possible, and the second day involved a 'head-to-head' competition where you were paired against another archer with the hopes of outscoring them. Everyone had an incredibly enjoyable time shooting and getting to say overnight in Dublin, and the most notable achievements from the shoot were:

  • Padhraic who won gold in the male barebow head-to-head
  • Julianna who won silver in the female barebow head-to-head
  • Our male barebow team (Andrew, Eoin & Padhraic) winning silver in the head-to-head
  • Andrew for scoring enough to earn a white pin!

IADT Inter Varsity Shoot

Posted 4th Mar 2022
Author Jack Curtin (Public Relations Officer)

Throwback to what was our first Inter Varsity (IV) competition of the college year!

Our advanced archers visited Dun Laoghaire Institute of Art Design + Technology (IADT) on Saturday, 20 November to shoot in their first IV in almost two years. It was an incredibly successful and enjoyable event for everyone who attended and most notably it was the first competition which some of our new members had the opportunity to shoot in. This event was a welcome return to normality considering the Covid restrictions which were in place at the time, and it undoubtably paved the way for the success everyone had at the IVs and open shoots which followed. Make sure to keep any eye on our News page and we have more throwbacks and future events to post about.

Nationals No Match for Our Archers!!!!

Posted 26th Feb 2020
Author Sarah Chapman
The UL Archery Club recently took part in the Indoor Student Nationals in UCC's Mardyke Arena. The club as a whole did brilliantly across the two-day event with two of our archers, Jason and Dawid, receiving their white pins and Jason not only got his white pin but his black pin also. The second day of the event saw our archers face off against other archers from around the country in the Head to Heads. The competition was extremely tough and though we did not place anywhere, we did have some of our archers make it to the quarter-finals and they were just unfortunate in the end.  We were extremely proud of our archers who showed great sportsmanship throughout the weekend and we wish them all luck in the last two competitions of the year.

Our Bullseye Beginners

Posted 18th Feb 2020
Author Sarah Chapman

Our beginners training is off to a great start once again this semester. With our dedicated members training our newest members so well we even had some 10s and 9s!!! Keep up the great work guys!

UL Intervarsity Success

Posted 18th Feb 2020
Author Sarah Chapman

On the 9th of Feburary we hosted our intervarsity over in Delta Sports. The day was a huge success overall but it was a great day for some of our members with Emma and Lorcan both receiving their white pin awards in their respective categories. But the clubs biggest success was our president Charlie receiving his red pin award, something he has came so close to getting just before Christmas. Well done everyone and good luck in the next IV in UCC!!

Record Numbers as the Club Grows

Posted 5th Feb 2020
Author Luke Vickery

The UL Archery Club would like to extend its thanks and congratulation to both the new and returning members of the club. You have all helped to grow the presence of the club on campus and in doing so this year we have smashed our previous record for the number of members. So far this year we are at 204 and counting! This is already an increase of more than 40 members over last years total The result is an ever growing social atmosphere at training and our fundraising events have also been the best ever this year. A big shout out goes to our senior members who are always there to pass on the skills and knowledge they have picked up tot he newer members. Those newer members are equally important too as they are the future of the club so we are always glad to welcome them to the wolfpack!

Student Nationals

Posted 5th Feb 2020
Author Luke Vickery

The UL Archery Club will be travelling to the National Student Indoor Competition hosted by the UCC Archery Club. This two day competition brings together student archers from all over the country to compete. There is a 60 arrow ranking round on Saturday followed by head-to-head competitions on the Sunday to determine to top ranked student archer in each of the categories. The event is looked forward to all year as all the clubs go out together to socialise and blow off steam in the Saturday night. UL will be sending a string team this year in terms of both skill and numbers so we hope to continue our track record of high placing competitors. Updates to follow including a summary of results and pictures from the event.

Back with a Bang!

Posted 8th Sep 2019
Author Sarah Chapman PRO

The club performed exceptionally well at the inaugural Archery Ireland outdoor shoot, with all four of our club representatives coming home with medals. We had TJ Kenneally, Liam Higgins and Charlie McGreevy competing in Recurve at various levels, and Eoin Timlin competing in Barebow. They came away with 4 National Medals, one gold, two silver and a bronze. Well done to the four lads. Hopefully this is a sign of things to come for the club this coming year. 

Masters/Apprentice league Result

Posted 19th May 2018
Author Luke Vickery

A big congratulations goes out to our winners of this years masters and Apprentice league. Luke Vickery won the masters league in a tight competition between himself and Luke Blake. The winner of the apprentice league was Natascha Guggi a staff member at the University of Limerick. Well done to all those who took part

Winners of Masters and Apprentic

Posted 20th May 2017
Author Conor O'Brien

This years winner of the Masters league in the Archery club was Frank Stafford with a final score of 757 points. With the Apprentice League won by Luke Vickery with a final score of 745.

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