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Setting Up and Putting Away Tables

Posted 4th Oct 2023
Author JOSEPH CLARO (Secretary)

Hi all,

A few things to keep in mind when dealing with the tables:

- Setting up each table-half is a two-person job. Roll each table-half out to the sprint track, then fold out each pair of legs with one person at either side.

- Ensure the diagonal supports on the legs are securely 'clacked' into place, whether folded up or folded down.

- When the legs are set up, lift the table-half off the ground with a partner, rotate it, and set it down. Do not pivot the table-half over its legs, as this will damage both the legs and the sprint track surface.

- Minimise scraping tables against any surfaces, including dragging wheels sideways, and dragging halves together the club has been warned before about damaging the sprint track!

- When rolling tables away and storing them at the end of a session, remember wood against wood, metal against metal.

If you have any questions or are unsure just ask, or send a message into the club groupchat :)


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