Easter Trip Malin Beg News: event

Posted On 16th Apr 2024
Posted By Sub Aqua
Author Lea Grenz (Secretary)

Hello everyone,

our divers had a fantastic weekend of boat diving off Sliabh Liag and Carrigan Head.

On Saturday, our divers saw all sorts of colourful coral and wildlife on their dives, including a sea cucumber, jewel and plumose anemones and Devonshire cup coral.

On Sunday, the divers were joined by two pods of dolphins which followed the boat for the entire journey out to the dive site and back. The boat entered a cave with breathtaking views inside and our divers dived under the Sliabh Liag cliffs with a 20-25m dive for approximately 40 mins. A seal was spotted near where the divers entered the water and the rocky cliff terrain made for great dives with plenty of fish and vegetation 

Have a wonderful week, 

Lea (Secretary) and Sophie (PRO)

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