AGM Results News: results

Posted On 29th Feb 2024
Posted By Sub Aqua
Author Lea Grenz (Secretary)

Hello everyone, 

thank you so much for participating in the AGM yesterday. We are delighted to inform you that we elected a new committee consisting of familiar and new faces. A quick overview: 

Chairperson: Michal Kowierec

Secretary: Lea Grenz

Treasurer: Mark O'Leary

Dive Officer: Naomi Keogh 

Public Relations Officer: Sophie Slater

Assistant Treasurer: Bebhinn Anders

Equipment Officer: Patrick Gowran 

Boat Officer: Sergey Beloshapkin

Events Officer: Colm Copley Brown 

Ordinary Committee Role: Alex Buda

Thanks to everyone who stepped up. I can't wait to run the club with you guys!

Additionally, we decided to reduce the cost for boat diving from 12€ to 10€ and decided on a constitution change. 

See you all under water soon!


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