18th May

2022/23 Recap

"It has been another amazing year with OPC - from weekly sessions to weekend trips, trips abroad to competitions and a record number of members- we've had it all this year! Here are some of the highlights:Foreign TripsWith one foreign trip down and two to go, we're having a great year exploring the globe! Some of our lucky members took a trip to El Churro in Spain during the Easter break this year. It was a great trip filled with learning, climbing and craic, and everyone came back wanting more. With the trip focus mainly being to build rope skills and get some sport climbing in - it was a challenging yet very, very fun experience for the lovely people that went out (and you can see the highlights on the UL Wolves Instagram!)Coming up are our Summer trips - El Camino and Alps! Our Camino trips is going to be the club's first trip focused solely on hiking. It will be pretty intense with an average of 30km covered a day on the famous route - but promises great views and good company.Our annual Alps trip to Chamonix is coming up in June and is expected to be an amazing time (as it always is). The trip will allow members to push themselves on a range of different activities like sport climbing, ice climbing, mountaineering and hiking!Weekend TripsThis year we had four incredibly fun weekend trips - with Letterfrack making its comeback for the first time since it was rudely interrupted by a certain pandemic, a Fairhead trip and of course the classics Brandon and Glendalough!These trips provided our members with lifelong friendships, great stories and amazing memories - from fancy dress at Bandon to camping alongside sheep at Fairhead, the only downside to these trips is that there's not more of them! CompetitionsWe got in some great comp practice this year - sending teams out to both orienteering and climbing intervarsity competitions. And getting in some bigger national comps like G-Force!TrainingWe've been able to provide our members with plenty of training and gained lots of new supervisors and leaders in the club with qualifications in first aid, instructing and mountain skills being handed out by Mountaineering Ireland to many of our members.Themed Events & Social NightsWe've had plenty of great events and social nights this semester with Women's Nights at the wall, Valenclimbs, our Hallowe'en climbing sessions and our UV Night standing out among the many fun events that we hosted this year."

18th May

End of Year review

"The University of Limerick’s Consulting & Entrepreneurship society had an extremely eventful year focusing on building stronger bonds while also looking to explore new spaces. Our goal for the past academic year was to encourage each and every member to embrace the abundance of opportunities, both locally and nationally and challenge themselves to make their mark on the society. From small confidence building tasks to complex case problems, the hard work and consistent effort has undoubtedly helped members from a wide range of disciplines, gain skills that will be of great importance for whatever career they decide to pursue upon completing their studies at UL.The tried and tested social Christmas and Easter events were as popular as ever, but our introduction of sustainability-based events proved to be a success amongst students and staff, it provided the opportunity for student needs to be highlighted in a manner that would be beneficial to the campus, while also providing the experience to operate as a consultant would. We hope that the winners’ recommendations will be implemented over the coming years. Free pizza proved to be a big hit with students and resulted in continued high engagement for our competitions and we hope to maintain this trend for years to come! The UL sustainability hub and Postgraduate Student’s Union (PSU) assisted us in running innovation competitions and we hope to continue to keep these as yearly events on our calendars along with our ever successful 52start entrepreneurial event. It is always inspiring and encouraging to see students constantly look to improve and innovate to build a better world around us. Our guest speaker series have always been in high demand, and this remained the case this year. We had Chris Kelly, CEO of Tracworx, David O’Beirne, head of solutions at Ericsson and Joe Hennigan from Receipt Relay all come to discuss their career journeys throughout the academic year and these visits were crucial in helping students prepare for the numerous competitions culminating in UL’s student entrepreneur of the year acting as our last main event of the academic year.Our affiliation to the ISCG has continued to be of great value to all of our members. We were engaged in client projects that proved to be a valuable experience and a great challenge to assist the companies in their required capacity. Several members attended the student sustainable thinking and leadership summit in Deloitte HQ at the start of 2023, meeting and discussing important topics with numerous other ISCG members and gaining valuable experience from the day. Our branch representatives also enjoyed a successful day in Dublin at the ISCG national intervarsitites with our very own Pragya Sharma winning best speaker on the day. The regional round in UL was an extremely tight affair and this high standard undoubtedly helped to send our best possible team to compete in Dublin. We hope that we can improve our overall result for next year’s event and take the title back to Limerick! We established greater links around UL, receiving improved support in promoting our brand and helping to encourage and provide support to students with entrepreneurial ideas, ensuring they would be assisted in taking the first few bold steps or those looking to get an early start into the world of consulting. In the Limerick area we were able to create several partnerships. We have highlighted the importance of engaging in the local community and will look to build upon further partnerships next year. We have done so much, but there is also so much more to do! I look forward to seeing what the current and future members will look to bring to the society. The future of this society is undoubtedly bright, due to the large engagement from the students and credit must be given to the effort and commitment of each member on a weekly basis. I hope that UL’s Consulting & Entrepreneurship society can continue to build and grow within the university and our members continue to push their ideas and creative mindsets. I would like to thank the entire committee for all of their hard work in making the past year such a successful endeavor and I wish next year’s committee the very best of luck in their efforts for the period ahead.If you would like to make any suggestions for events for the coming year or would be interested in a role with the committee for next year please email consulting@ulces.ie or slide into our DM's on instagram @ ul_ces."

9th May

Why Join OPC?

"There are so many reasons to join our wonderful club, here are just a few: Get Active, Get Fit, Get Outdoors! Of course, joining an outdoor club is a great way to get out in nature - It helps to maintain your motivation to get outside, and is an accessible way to explore different types of outdoor activities. But there are also so many not-so-obvious benefits to joining the club that make it easier to get outdoors – routes are planned out, lifts are organised (this has the added benefit of reducing environmental impact with less cars having to travel to hiking, climbing and caving spots), and there’s gear to avail of!   Meet Like-Minded People. OPC will allow you to find a community! Meeting people with shared interests and values can be hard, but luckily there are plenty of friendly faces in OPC just as keen to get out in the outdoors. It’s a great way to find adventuring partners – and life-long friends! Explore Ireland (And the World!) Getting out on OPC hikes and trips is a fantastic way to see so many different parts of the country! Whether you’re an international student, or you’ve never left the country, you’ll be sure to see parts of Ireland you never have before. Our trips abroad bring our members to amazing places and leave them with some mega stories to tell. With trips to El Churro in Spain, the French Alps, Scotland, and many more epic spots around the globe being visited by our members (and subsidised by the club) it’s hard to imagine why you wouldn’t want to join OPC! Access to Gear Outdoor gear is expensive (?), joining OPC allows you to get out into nature - safely and on a student budget. This also allows members to try and test new types of gear they otherwise wouldn’t use and get to places they wouldn’t be able to access without it. Access to the UL Climbing Wall We’re very lucky to have both the only speed wall in the country, and the tallest roped climbing wall in the country right on our campus. OPC members get free access to this amazing facility three times a week to climb, train and have the craic! Build on Your Skills & Learn New Ones Whether you’re a total beginner or have spent years in outdoor sports there’s always more to learn. OPC offers safety in numbers – there are so many experienced members with various qualifications and a lot of enthusiasm to pass on their knowledge. On top of this, loads of training courses are run through OPC in collaboration with Mountaineering Ireland, with plenty of qualifications being awarded to members throughout the years in various training, safety and coaching courses. Push Yourself! OPC allows you to step out of your comfort zone in a supportive and safe environment. Getting outside can be intimidating when you’re unsure what you’re doing, but with the wealth of knowledge in the club, access to gear, and the amazing and encouraging friends you’ll make as a member of OPC it’s hard not to get psyched and test yourself!"

26th Apr

ULKC Presents: Suited & Booted

"ULKC Presents: Suited & BootedSuited and Booted has been a fan favourite in the club, but the event has not run since pre-pandemic. As a club, we wanted to get this event back on the calendar for 2023. In the past, this event is simply a night of formal dress, usually set in Stables, Scholars or some other local venue, and is a night of socializing, live music and club bonding. This year, we wanted to do something a bit different, we wanted to make the event more of a fundraiser, and incorporate our club awards ceremony, to create a night of glamour, live music and inter-club bonding.The event was held in Cask,  a live music venue in castletroy. Local talent Annabelle Toone was the opening act for the evening, performing live, from 8pm whilst all guests were arriving.Following Annabelle's performance, we proceeded with the club awards ceremony. These awards are a mix of acrediting the achievements within the club, but also the standout moments over the past semester. Here's the highlight of the main awards;Most ImprovedBest FresherThe Dermott Bannon AwardOnce the awards were out of the way, we collaborated with UL DJ Society, and acquired the services of Greg Shiels to provide music for us for the rest of the night. We threw in a few minigames, such as Mr&Mrs, along with raffles.The event was a huge success, having raised over €700 for the club!!!!!Huge thanks to everyone who came along and made the night possible."

4th Apr

Annual General Meeting

"NOTICE OF THE ANNUAL GENERAL MEETING OF THE 32ND SESSION OF THEUNIVERSITY OF LIMERICK LAW SOCIETY DATE: Thursday 20 April 2023TIME: 6 pm VENUE: Courtyard Meeting Room  All members are invited to attend the Law Society’s AGM which will take place Thursday 20 April at 6 pm in the Courtyard Meeting Room. Hustings for the Committee of the 33rd Session of the Society will be held; voting will open for a period of 24 hours following the AGM. A referendum to delete the constitutional provisions pertaining to the Plassey Law Review will also take place, details of this are listed below.          An agenda for the AGM will be circulated in advance of the meeting, if any members have any points for discussion, please email ullawsociety@gmail.com FAO President.  Referendum: The Plassey Law Review was initially established as a sub-committee of the Law Society with the view of one day becoming its own independent group once a strong organisational structure of its own was established; the Plassey Law Review has now reached this point. Our Constitution currently provides for the Plassey Law Review as an objective of the Society under Article 3.6 and lists the Editor in Chief of the Plassey Law Review as a committee member under Article 5.1.11. These articles need to be deleted in order to reflect the independence of the Plassey Law Review.  Elections: Below are the Job Specifications of the committee of the UL Law Society as per Article 6.1.4. of the Society Constitution. The Committee of the Society shall manage the business and affairs of the Society and the Committee shall be elected solely from the membership of the Society per Article 5.1. Any two of the officers holding a Committee Position shall be the Society’s representatives on the Clubs' and Societies' Council (CSC).          To register your interest in being part of the Committee of the 33rd Session of the University of Limerick Law Society please email ullawsociety@gmail.com FAO President detailing your interest and your chosen position by 5 pm Saturday 15 April 2023. Only current members may apply. Hustings will take place at our Annual General Meeting at 6 pm Thursday 20 April 2023. Any members who are currently on Erasmus, Co-op, or are otherwise unavailable to attend the AGM should specify this in their application.  PRESIDENT (CORE)5.1.1. PresidentThe President must have completed at least one year of service on a previous session’s Committee. The President’s duties shall include the day-to-day management of the Society and the directing Society activities. The President shall chair all Committee and General Meetings of the Society. The President shall set the Society’s objectives at the beginning of each year. The President shall be responsible for overseeing the Society’s finances alongside the Treasurer. Where there is a division of opinion on the Committee in respect of direction, the President has executive authority to decide on the Society’s behalf. The President can serve a maximum of one term in office.  The role of the President shall be fulfilled by one person only.  6.1.5. Manifesto of Candidates for President All candidates for President shall submit their manifestos for the year ahead to the Society within two days of a general meeting. These manifestos shall detail their vision for the Society and their objectives for the year ahead.  WELFARE OFFICER (CORE)5.1.2. Welfare Officer The Welfare Officer shall be responsible for ensuring the welfare of all Society members and shall be a point of contact for any member with any difficulties.  The Welfare Officer must be impartial. The said person shall be responsible for resolving inter committee disputes upon the request of the President or if the President is a party to a dispute. The Welfare Officer with the President is responsible for ensuring the Society is compliant with UL Student Life Clubs & Societies regulations. The Welfare Officer also serves as an Official Committee Member (OCM) and may be deputised from time to time to assist in executing the Society’s objectives.In the event that the President resigns or is impeached, the Welfare Officer shall serve as acting President until an Extraordinary General Meeting is convened within two weeks of the vacating of office. The role of the Welfare Officer shall be fulfilled by one person only.  TREASURER (CORE)5.1.3. Treasurer The Treasurer’s duties shall include the maintenance of the Society’s accounts and the Society’s budget submission as well as the continuous updating of the online and hardcopy budget throughout the year. The Treasurer is to advocate financial concerns at meetings.  The role of the Treasurer shall be fulfilled by one person only.  SECRETARY (CORE)5.1.4. Secretary  The Secretary shall be responsible for the management of all records of the Society. This includes the maintenance of all necessary documentation including the minutes of all General Meetings of the Society and Committee meetings. The Secretary shall organise room booking and manage committee business with the President. Furthermore, the Secretary shall be the registrar of the Society. The said officer is responsible for collecting membership and maintaining the UL Wolves Clubs & Societies website page.  The role of the Secretary shall be fulfilled by one person only.  PUBLIC RELATIONS OFFICER (CORE)5.1.5. Public Relations Officer The Public Relations Officer shall be responsible for ensuring that all Society events and activities are well advertised across the various different mediums including via email and social media. The Public Relations Officer is to issue weekly newsletters detailing the Society’s activities for the week ahead. This email is to be circulated by the School of Law. The Public Relations Officer is responsible for the external presentation of the Society and to advertise opportunities to members on social media.   The role of the Public Relations Officer shall be fulfilled by one person only.  ACADEMIC AND CAREERS OFFICER5.1.6. Academic & Careers Officer The Academic and Careers Officer shall be responsible for organising all academic and careers events, including the annual Careers Networking Evening as well as a number of academic workshops throughout the year. The Academic Officer will be required to co-ordinate with the Academic Director appointed by the School of Law. Furthermore, the Academic Officer is responsible for all activities outlined in Article 3.1 above.  The role of the Academic and Careers Officer may be divided between no more than two people.  CONFERENCE CONVENOR5.1.7. Conference Convenor The Conference Convenor shall be responsible for the organising of conferences and seminars.  Their duties shall include booking venues and speakers for such events. The Conference Convenor must organise events which are of topical interest to members as outlined in Article 3.4 of the Constitution.  The role of the Conference Convenor may be divided between no more than two people.  MOOTING CONVENOR5.1.8. Mooting Convenor The Mooting Officer shall be responsible for organising all moot court activities. They shall organise the annual internal competition as well as arrange for competitors to travel to external events.  The Mooting Officer shall also run a series of mooting workshops each academic year. The Mooting Officer will be required to co-ordinate with the Mooting Director appointed by the School of Law.   The role of the Mooting Convenor may be divided between no more than two people.  SPONSORSHIP CO-ORDINATOR 5.1.9. Sponsorship Co-ordinator The Sponsorship Co-ordinator shall be responsible for seeking sponsorship for Society activities. This role shall include drafting partnership proposals to law firms. The Sponsorship Coordinator has exclusive authority with the President over liaising with firms. The Sponsorship Co-ordinator must be available to carry out their duties during the summer months. This is a subcommittee role.  The role of the Sponsorship Co-Ordinator may be divided between no more than two people.  TRIPS AND SOCIAL EVENTS OFFICER5.1.10. Trips & Social Events Officer  The Trips & Socials Officer shall be responsible for organising all Society outings both international and domestic. Moreover, the Trips & Socials Officer has exclusive responsibility for organising all social events with the exception of the Annual Law Ball, which shall be organised by the Committee. The role of the Trips and Social Events Officer may be divided between no more than two people."

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