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Our world has never seen such greater or obscene levels inequality as we have today.

The richest 62 people on our planet now have a wealth equal to that of the poorest 50% of humanity.

In Ireland, the richest 300 have increased their wealth by €38 billion since 2010. The rest of us have had vicious austerity programmes foisted upon us.

The 'recovery' has only resulted in the creation of a new housing crisis, sky rocketing rents, growing inequality and the creation of low paid temporary jobs.

Capitalism is a system built on inequality. It means the wealth and resources of society being in the private ownership of a tiny minority and where production is based on them amassing huge profits and personal wealth at our expense.

Wars for oil, power and profit in the Middle East and North Africa by the major capitalist powers have created the horrendous refugee crisis. Our environment is being destroyed by the ruthless and short term profiteering of big business.

Sexism, racism, homophobia and transphobia are all the by-products of a system that fosters prejudice, division and oppression.

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