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1. the art or practice of designing and constructing buildings 
2. the complex or carefully designed structure of something.

society of architecture at UL

1. the art of practicing “the sesh" with creatively like-minded students open to the idea of heated debates over pints about whether board-marked concrete is the ultimate material or not.

2. the annual practice of trips within Ireland and Europe; exploring new architectural scenes, discovering exciting night life and of course, testing the capacity limits of a single hostel room.

3. the unique exposure to weekly events including soccer matches, table quizzes, movie nights, lectures, design workshops, photography exhibitions, and more!

4. the ability to connect and collaborate with even more design, arts, and architecture students through our ever growing national network of architecture societies in Cork, Dublin, and Belfast.

5. the complex and carefully organised special events throughout the year. Our annual Halloween costume competition, our very own themed ball/dinner-dance, or the big SofA Cup indoor soccer tournament.

In short, we have a massive year ahead of us at the Society of Architecture this year and we really want to share this experience with as many fresh new faces as possible! It’s not a case of needing to be an architecture, arts, or product design student. If you have any interest or curiosity for design and creativity we want you to be a part of one of UL’s most improving society’s and join us in what is sure to be an educational eye-opener with an extra dosage of irresponsible fun!

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