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Even though social standards are changing more and more with the Internet in modern technological times, and older students of 30 years and more are not uncommon anymore, one is still looked at with a strange view by the younger ones that go to university immediately after finishing high school. (I was even asked by young fellow students what I was doing at the UL if I had been working already.) You can feel like a freak, unwelcome and not admitted between them.

That's why we want to offer an overall university experience, mainly for Mature Students (of 23 years and above), but including all students who wish to join, like Under-grads, Post-grads, Link-ins, Access course students, Masters/PhD Students, staff and anyone who wishes to do so. We organise team building days (including nights out) and day to day meet ups for coffee/tea or lunches, workshops, talks and much more. It's a great way to meet like-minded people to enjoy our days together in the UL.

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