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A monthly social event as part of an international maths meetup called MathsJam, which is a pub meetup held on the 2nd last Tuesday of every month all over the world for maths enthusiasts to share puzzles and discoveries and to talk about mathematics. Our goal here is to create a social environment for our members to mingle and get to know one another, as well as giving faculty, PhD students and undergraduate students a chance to share puzzles and problems or to give short presentations on their research or interests. MathsJam are an organisation based in the UK with events held all over the world and have provided us with resources as well as boosting our social media presence via their own main Twitter @MathsJam which has over twenty thousand followers and will retweet and promote the Limerick MathsJam.

MathsJam have an annual conference in Staffordshire in England every November where they hold Lightning Talks on fun and interesting mathematical topics. More information on their annual gathering can be found at .

We hope to represent UL at maths competitions in Ireland and possibly abroad, and also organize speakers and events for maths Students and enthusiasts in UL.
The Maths Department here in UL have also been kind enough to lend us support and have already been a huge help in getting Half-Zips made for the maths department.

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