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We're an obsessive generation, and we at Fan Forum celebrate that obsession! We're all fans. Fans of a specific Netflix series, superhero, movie trilogy...

Are you a movie fanatic who rushes there every week? Or maybe you save the cinema for just the big midnight release trips! Have you followed the trail of Uruk-hai taking the hobbits to Isengard? Do you know which colour you'd want your lightsaber to be? Are you still awaiting your Hogwarts letter? Or maybe you claim the Iron Throne? Whatever your passion, it's doubtlessly shared by members of this society!

The Fan Forum society meet every Thursday in Red Raisins to celebrate and talk about everything nerd culture from movies, TV shows and comic books. Our weekly conversations span across many different topics - Game of Thrones, The Flash, Harry Potter, Star Wars, Pokémon, Doctor Who, and so much more!

In Fan Forum you will be immersed in Sci-Fi, Fantasy, Fiction, Pop Culture and more every Thursday. We also do regular events. We strive to have regular cinema trips on Wednesdays; we do frequent table-quizzes ranging from topics such as the Marvel Cinematic Universe to Harry Potter; we organise midnight-release trips for big releases (such as Fantastic Beasts and Rogue One!), and we even have our own Quidditch Team!

Check us out on Facebook or email us at:

If you are interested in joining the society, you can either email us or message a member of the committee on Facebook - where a list of committee members is provided.

Our Facebook group is linked above, simply request membership.

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