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About Astronomy

Astronomy Soc is UL's first space-based society. For all those interested in the awe-inspiring expanses of the universe we call home this is the society for you. From stargazing and guest speakers, to movie and documentary nights and long discussions about the cosmos, here at UL Astronomy Society, we are brought together by our love of all things space. So join the UL Astronomy Society to soar high up in the stars, explore the vast Milky Way, and learn how our universe came to be.  NO SCIENCE BACKGROUND REQUIRED!                                                                                                                                  

Current Committee 9
Secretary Carenza
Treasurer Ruben Mueller
Health and Safety Officer JOHN
Public Relations Officer Neemawei Factor
Advisor Stephen
First Year Rep Shubhra Tiwary
Ordinary Committee Member Donal Reynolds
Ordinary Committee Member FINN LENIHAN

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