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About Aerial Arts Society

Aerial is a sub-genre of circus in which involves using your body while suspended in the air on various apparatuses. This society will allow members to partake in weekly classes located in the Irish Aerial Creation Centre (IACC). Classes are typically an hour and a half in length and involve a warm up with conditioning exercises, time spent in the air learning choreography and/or technique, and a cool down. Classes are taught on various apparatuses such as cocoon, trapeze, hoop, silks, and rope. The apparatus changes each week so members have the opportunity to partake in a variety of apparatuses. These classes are welcome to all whether you're well-versed hanging upside down or a complete novice. 

Current Committee 5
Chairperson MARCELA
Vice Chairperson KARAH DELANY(She/Her)
Health and Safety Officer NIAMH
Public Relations Officer EVA MC GEOWN

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