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ULAC was set up back in the 1980's during the time of Mary Vaughan but unfortunately was not maintained for a number of years until Emmanuel O'Dea in 2000 came from GMIT and wanted somewhere to shoot. 

Under his leadership the membership soon grew, and we started competing in intervarsities the following year. ULAC is involved in both Olympic Style and Field Archery, and has had success in both.

We are a friendly club who encourage anybody to take up the sport of archery. We have a large number of student as well as external members, and anybody is welcome to join throughout the year. Gear is provided, so all you have to do is turn up with open ears and willing arms, and we will do the rest.

If you think that you would like to be involved in a club that trains hard, and plays hard, call down to us during the Clubs & Societies Recruitment Fair in the UL Arena and sign up. You will get access to everything you need to become the next Robin Hood – equipment, coaching and your own band of Merry Men. ULAC compete in the ISAA Intervarsity League, the National Irish Archery League, the National Championships, the Barebow Championships, the Irish Student Championships, the Irish Open, Indoor and Outdoor, and the National Target Championships. We also run the Apprentices and Masters Cup Leagues within the club, along with our Pro-Am Tournament. There are plenty of chances to compete throughout the academic year and into the summer months, and our archery competitions will take you all over Ireland, from Dundalk to Cork, Galway to Carlow.

If you are the kind of person who shies away from competition then don’t discount ULAC as your club of choice. Our archers are never pressurised to compete and if you just want to shoot for a few nights throughout the semester and blow off a little steam then you’ll fit right in with our social archers who shoot just for fun and to meet some new people within the college. Our social archers help organise the fun shoots such as balloon shoots, animal target shoots, our Annual Santa Shoot and our National Halloween Shoot. They are also responsible for making sure that plenty of archers meet up after training to get to know each other in a more social setting. We also have a number of non-archery related activities within the club like the Annual G-Soc vs. UL Archery Paintball Tournament in Semester 1 and The Archery Dinner in Semester 2. There are also plenty of impromptu movie nights; pizza nights and birthday get together’s throughout the year.

We also have a humanitarian side to the club. Last year we set up a ‘Shoot for Haiti’ event on the lawns of the UL White House as part of the Clubs & Societies Haiti Fundraiser and taught staff and students how to shoot. We also ran a competition on the day for the best shooter along with demonstrations from our advanced archers.  

If you need any extra information about UL Archery you can check out our website,, or you can email us on We will be taking on new members until the end of Week 6 in the academic calendar. You can either sign up at the C&S Recruitment Fair or you can call into a training session in the Main Hall of the P.E.S.S. Building. 

Take a look at our website or the training section of the C&S website, , for a list of our training times and of course we are on Facebook too

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