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About Tag Rugby

Whether you're interested in playing a new sport or need your Tag Rugby fix, UL Wolves Tag Rugby Club is the place for you. From complete novices to Junior Cup superstars looking to relive their glory days, we cater for all levels in a fun and social setting. Tag Rugby is a mixed sport so guys and girls, you're all welcome and please bring along your friends. If you want to try Tag Rugby please either contact us on Instagram or come to one of our training sessions. Our existing Tour Squad are off the back of a historic triple and clean sweep of the league and cups and looking forward to bringing on the next generation of the club. Looking forward to seeing everyone and our new players back this week and coming month. 

Current Committee 9
Chairman Jason Murphy
Ladies Captain Moya Henn
Treasurer Michael Higgins
Health and Safety Officer Mark O'Brien
Assistant Coach Alan O'Brien
Media Officer Tom
Coach Shane Landers
Ladies Captain Danielle Grehan
Vice Treasurer David Mawe

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