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Ever wanted to jump out of an airplane? Then Skydive UL is the club for you! We are Ireland's first ever Third level Skydiving Club and have gone from strength to strength since the club was formed in 2007. We train students of UL to do their first skydive, most of whom have no experience in skydiving before! We can accommodate everyone, someone who wants a once off skydive or someone with the aim of becoming a licensed skydiver! The initial training session takes only six hours, it is generally run on campus and afterwards you will know everything you need to keep safe in the skies. So even if you have never jumped out of a plane before, you can do a Solo Skydive as your first jump. Your first Skydives are something to remember, so we capture your exit from the plane and landing on high resolution video for you to keep. As part of your training you will learn about the parachute system, how to exit the plane, how to fly the parachute and navigate to the ground safely. After a minimum of just 25 jumps you can complete student status and become a qualified Skydiver with an 'A license'. This qualification is recognized worldwide and so you are then licensed to skydive anywhere! We also teach members how to pack their own parachute at Parachute Packing Classes which are held weekly on campus. We organize cost effective trips throughout Europe for first time jumpers to learn the ropes. Every year, we travel to the south of France for 5-6 days in October, then a 2 week trip in May with both beginner and intermediate skydivers!!! This has proved to be a huge success every year with all the beginners progressing rapidly to getting their “A” License while on the trip. Other trips include Empuriabrava in Spain which is the biggest Dropzone in Europe and wind tunnel trips in England and Poland, indoor skydiving is an excellent learning tool for Skydivers to learn and perfect new skills that they can then use in the sky. Members of Skydive UL are very lucky to be able to train with the very best in the sport which include instructors at the Irish Parachute Club who have years experience in the sport and also the instructors we hire on our trips abroad, some of which are world champion Skydivers! Not only do we jump at the Irish Parachute Club but some members of Skydive UL have jumped into the UL playing Fields near the UL Arena for RAG week. We hope to set this up again to bring our amazing sport to the attention of everyone in the college. You could be part of this!! So if you want to make your experience at the University of Limerick even more exciting and experience the ultimate adrenaline rush, then Skydive UL is the club for you! Blue Skies!!! Please get in touch with us for more info on any of our social media • Facebook: • Email: • Snapchat: SkydiveUL • Instagram: skydiveul

Current Committee 8
Secretary Brian Curtin
Treasurer JANE
Health & Safety DARRAGH
Public Relations Officer Annie Donnelly
Coach Brian Mc Grath
Coach (name hidden)
Coach Brian McGrath

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