Recruitment Drive 2014!
WEDNESDAY WEEK 1 (10th Sept)
5pm - 8:30pm in UL Sport Arena

About UL C&S

Clubs & Societies are a fundamental part of the University scene here in Ireland and UL is no different. The 68 Clubs & Societies is the largest collection of voluntary run recreational and leisure activities under the one distinct brand on the University of Limerick campus, the UL Wolves.

Whatever your status you are very welcome. Clubs & Societies is like all organisations only as good as the members they recruit and as an organised pack of 68 Clubs & Societies, it is a real thriving social network of well over 4000 real tangible people and not a passport photo of some random "friend" who wants to tell you what they had for breakfast!

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Clubs & Societies Summary

  • 68 CLUBS/SOCIETIES - a huge range of activites to choose from.
  • 35 CLUBS & 33 SOCIETIES - growing every year.
  • RECRUITMENT DRIVE - Wed. Week 1 5pm-8:30pm in the Arena.
  • Paul & Michelle (in the SU) are there to help you out.
  • No Club/Society for your activity? Talk to us about setting one up.

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What are you waiting for? Get exploring...

Whether you are a new student entering an exciting new phase in your life and looking at a fantastic four years on the campus, or a Postgraduate/Erasmus/Study Abroad student/new staff member? Or maybe even a current student, the late bloomer who realises that the pub culture is pretty stale and unrewarding and really not the best way to maximise your University experience. Whatever your status you are very welcome.
— Paul Lee, C&S Development Manager

How to Join

  1. Sign Up to UL Wolves
  2. Request Membership
  3. Get Membership Approved
  4. Go to Activities & Events

Awards 2013-2014

  • Club of the Year
  • Society of the Year
  • Club Individual of the Year
    Tadhgh O'Donnovan [Men's Rugby]
  • Society Individual of the Year
    Triona O'Sullivan [International]
  • Club Event of the Year
    Kayak [Alps Trip]
  • Society Event of the Year
    International [Dance Workshop]
  • Club New or Improved
    Men's Rugby
  • Society New or Improved
  • Jason Hackett (Lifetime Club)
    Barry Walsh [Ultimate Frisbee]
  • Mike Sadlier (Lifetime Society)
    Triona O'Sullivan [International]
  • Fresher of the Year
    Darragh Keane [Drama]


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Clubs & Societies Office
Students Union
University of Limerick
Limerick, Ireand.

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Paul Lee

C&S Development

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Michelle Whyte

C&S Administrator

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Kevin Cahir

Clubs Officer

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Marian O'Donnell

Societies Officer

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Neasa O'Donnell

UL Sports Admin

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Patricia Moriarty

UL Arts Officer

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Cormac O'Brien

Clubs Rep

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James Downey

Clubs Rep

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Marielle Xuereb

Societies Rep

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Rob Cross

Societies Rep

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Recruitment Drive

Wednesday Week 1 (11th September 2013)

From 5pm to 8:30pm in the University Arena

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Step 3: Get Membership Approved


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Step 4: Go to Activities & Events


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