Paddy McHugh (Fresher of the Year) Winner 2017/2018

Turning it up to 11! Live, DJ, Trad, Voice and Tech

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Welcome to UL folks! If you're new to UL you may not be aware that the UL Music Societies (or ULMS for short) consists of all the musical genres in UL. Currently, we have five disciplines; DJ, Live, Trad, Voice and Tech. I can promise that we cater to all people's needs, so I'll run through each discipline's activities in the semester in turn.

I guarantee that with us this year you’re going to have an amazing, music-filled, event-packed time that will have people talking for years!

DJ : The DJs are proud to say that they always have something going on. On Mondays, the more senior members perform in the Library, so if you want to see them in action, go there! Every Second Tuesday, they perform in Stables in what we call 'Techno Tuesdays'! You might catch them in the Courtyard on occasion as well... 
If you want to learn from the best, they have Deck Sessions from 7-10 in Room 3. Go there to learn how to be the next Welshy! International Students will tell you that on Fridays, our DJs turn up the music outside in Stables from 9oClock onwards...

Live: On Mondays, Live is the Centre of the all the attention in Stables, as the open mic calls upon the wider UL population to step up and sing in exchange for a pint. At the same time that DJs perform in Stables on Tuesdays, Live hosts a Jam Session in Room 2 in the Student Life Centre. Come if you can sing, or if you can play an instrument of any kind. Its a really chill atmosphere, so if you want to form a band with someone, here is where you will find your future mates! Battle of The Bands also falls under Live's discipline, so later on in the semester you will see them coming up on stage to show Stables what they have got!

Trad: Trad are full of life this year, with sessions in the Academy weekly, and our Trad members attend monthly sessions in the city. We also have managed to co-ordinate with UCC to exchange students for a weekend in October each year. In addition, the Trad guys have concerts in Dolans that they attend regularly, tickets tend to be cheap but the craic they have is priceless.

Voice: Voice is blowing up this year! Voice have three weekly meetings for three different styles of singing for you to try. From 7-8 on Tuesdays, Voice Sessions take over the Contemplative Centre. Straight afterwards is Musical Sessions from 8-9. If you are looking for a relaxed, chill group of singers or want a chance to sing solo later on in the semester, this is where you can find your pl;ace. Alternatively, you can join our Chamber Choir, which runs from 7-9 on Mondays, in the same place! 

Tech : Finally, the smallest part of our humble society, Tech is a great place for people who 'love music but arent musical' to go. You can learn how to set up a gig, and actually set them up later on, and get free entry to a variety of gigs that we put on in Stables throughout the Semester. It proves to be a good place to go if you want In on the Action. The Tech Training takes place in The Music Room in the Student Life Centre from 7:30-9, and usually the guys who practice there go to set up the Open Mic in Stables later on.

Music Soc is huge. We have managed, somehow, to turn a huge crowd into what I call a big family. We hope you consider joining us...

Love from Mama Bear,
Secretary x

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