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UL Comedy Society is back with the laughs for another whopper semester. Last year UL Comedy Society marked its ninth year of dealing craic on campus, and we plan to do a lot more. For those of you who know what the story is with or little community of comedy on campus, then please come support our gigs and events in the coming year – free comedy gigs? What’s not to like?

For those newcomers to UL who are interested in giving comedy a go, please come along to our weekly workshops where you can figure out if stand-up comedy or improv comedy are more suited to you, or if you’re a regular Dara O’Briain you might fly through both workshops and become our supreme leader (otherwise known as El Presidente) before you know it. As of Covid, we run one workshop every week during the semester: Stand-up comedy. If you have been noting down witty one liners, or tickling tales and want somewhere to show off and potentially get a spot in our regular comedy gig on campus then show up and show us what you got. It's a great way to relax, unwind and laugh after a full-on day at college. Workshops are also a ridiculously easy way to make friends and meet people you never would run into in your everyday routine.

We run regular stand-up comedy gigs throughout the semester in the Scholars pub, all of which are free to attend, so imagine seeing Tommy Tiernan before he was rich and famous for free. The worst thing that can happen is you have a laugh. Last year we hosted several gigs featuring every kind of comedian from fresh beginners to seasoned veterans, including guest comedians from other colleges and an unforgettable performance by the brilliant Stephen Ryan. We also went to see performances in the city and the concert hall.

So how much for all this you ask? A meagre €5? You're having a laugh! Well for once we're not. For less than the price of a pint you get to join UL Comedy Society for a whole year. You don't get craic that cheap anywhere else!

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