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Heading into our 6th year as a society, UL Comedy Society just keeps getting better and better!  From our humble beginnings 5 years ago, we are now one of the most prominent and vocal societies on campus. We have won the C&S award for best event and were nominated for best society event at BICS and best Intervarsity!

We are your craic merchants for all things Comedy related, whether you want to perform or just meet like minded people to discuss and appreciate your favourite movies, TV shows or comedians.

We run three workshops a week. Creative Comedy Writing (Sketch) focuses on the writing process behind comedy sketches and is also where we'll be filming! Here you can learn tips on the writing process, as well as collaborating with people or different projects that can be filmed and uploaded to our Youtube page.
Our very popular Stand-up workshops are where you can write and test stage material in front of a supportive group, and where you can hone your craft for one of our many gigs in UL. This a stress free and newbie safe environment so even if you've never performed before we can help you give it a go!
Our Improv workshops are for those who enjoy improvising on the spot, and is great fun that requires no preparation! 

We run tons of events over the year that is open for anyone to attend. Our Stand-up gigs in The Scholar's Bar are always packed, with 3-4 running per semester. We also run special events and collaborations with other societies, such as panel shows, quizzes and plays. Societies we collaborated with last year included Drama, Fan Forum, Global Aid, Photography and ULFM. 
Our weekly ULFM radio show "UL ComSoc Hour" features a rotating cast of Comedy Society members, immense banter and basically mocking the week. 

We have trips to gigs across the nation, and by nation we mean just down the road, and also the nation, to see some stellar comedy!

So how much for all this you ask? A meagre €3? You're having a laugh! Well for once we're not. For less than the price of a pint you get to join UL Comedy Society for a whole year. You don't get craic that cheap anywhere else!

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